Facts About an Automatic Car Wash

When it comes to the automatic car wash, Tidal Wave strives to offer the best for their customers. We offer the latest technology, service with a smile, and a clean car. An automatic car wash is so easy to use and it saves you so much time. Valuable time that you could use elsewhere! Looking for a great automatic car wash to start using? Tidal Wave would love to be the place you choose for your car. We have many locations to make it more convenient for you to visit us. We also offer an unlimited car wash membership to ensure that you are taking care of your vehicle. Remember, if you take care of your car properly, you will get the best use of it and it will last longer. Just for fun, here are some interesting facts about an automatic car wash:

-An automatic car wash is more environmentally friendly than hand washing at home. Most automatic car washes used recycled water.

-52% of Americans wash their car less than once a month.

-In the US, roughly 8 million vehicles are sent through an automatic car wash each day.

-In 1914, the first ever car wash was opened up in Detroit. However the wash was not done by a machine, the wash was done by attendants. One attendant sprayed the car, the next washed the car with soap, and another used a hand towel to dry the car.

-In 1951, the first ever “hands free” automatic car wash was invented in Seattle.

-The ICA estimates that there around 22,000 car washes worldwide employing about 500,000 people.

-The song Car Wash made for the 1976 movie sang by Rose Royce and reached #1 on the Billboard top 100.

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Back in the old days, there seemed to be no such thing like a multi function car wash and wax product or service. In case you wanted to wash and wax your car, you needed to have a bucketful of solutions and special cloths handy to achieve this. Fortunately, washing and waxing a car or truck is no longer the lengthy task it was previously. These days, one can clean and polish your car or truck in a single fell swoop, thanks to waterless truck or car washing products that as well contain wax.

The primary equipment is the conveyor, which takes the truck or car to various stages of washing and to the other finish appearing the same as new. The correlator will make sure the safe and smooth entrance of the car into the conveyor and is as crucial as the conveyor itself.

Waterless truck or car wash equipment both wash and wax your automobile and do not require the use of water. These items dissolve and remove dirt from the surface area of your car. All you need to do is spray the formula on your car or truck, rub it in a circular motion with a terry fabric to take away dirt , after which buff the haze that is left with a microfiber fabric . Not only will this kind of car wash/wax help you save 20 to 50 gallons of water per vehicle, it will also help you save so much time and money.

Support tools for car wash devices include Hydraulic power packs , washer extractors , water reclaim systems , air compressors , vacuums , high- and low-pressure pump stations , and hot water heaters . These form the specific parts that initiate the cleaning process using brushes, dryers. All the tools take a heavy source of power and a electronic control system to assure you smooth functioning. These types of wash control devices automate the washing process and decide on the pressure, density and air compression used in car wash, which are important to all types of car wash devices.

With a vacuum blower it’s possible to keep your car interior area tidy and attractive. In addition, it may be utilized for cleaning areas like foot mat, driver’s side, and boots in etc. Vacuum blowers can do multiple tasks that no regular hand cleaning can do. They accumulate, blow off and process the unwanted and dirty things at once.

The Best Home Products to Keep Your New Car Shine After the Car Wash

Now that you have discovered Tidal Wave Auto Spas, the questionremains; is there something you can do to keep your new car shine after all that wonderful washing. And the answer is a resounding yes!

Drying your car after washing is an extremely important step in maintaining that new car shine. Whether you allow the professionals at Tidal Wave to dry your car for you or you choose to do it yourself, be sure to do it! If you do it yourself, use chamois leather or a non-abrasive towel to get the job done. Leaving your car to air dry often leaves watermarks that are difficult to remove, not to mention unsightly.

Clean your windows! If your windows are dull and dirty, it makes the entire vehicle appear that way. Clean your windows with vinegar and water rather than window cleaners. Window cleaners can actually attract dirt! Use newspaper to dry and shine the glass after cleaning.

Many people think car polish is the product they need for a shiny car and in some ways it can be, but using it more than once or twice a year is too much. Use car polish sparingly to remove scratches and oxidized paint.

Car Wax is the product you need to help your car shine after it’s washed. You’ll want to apply it with a soft cloth and later wipe with a clean, dry cloth for super shine. Here are some great choices to keep your new car shine after the car wash.

  • Turtle Wax – effective and highly rated, easy to apply, comes in both liquid and paste
  • Mothers – carnauba wax, high on customer review lists
  • Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze Car Wax – a concentrated glaze promising a protective seal against UV rays and pollutants
  • Zaino –the characteristics of a car polish, highly reflective results of a car wax
  • Meguair’s – professional results rating, effective and economical, available in liquid, paste, and spray-on versions

As you can see there are lots of home products to keep your new car shine after your car wash at Tidal Wave Auto Spas.  Remember begin your car care with a gentle wash at Tidal Wave followed by chamois drying, vinegar and water window cleaning, polishing, and then waxing with one of the best home products mentioned above.

Can You Wash Your Car Too Much?

Buying a car is a major investment that normally requires taking out a loan which is paid on for a number of years before the title of the vehicle is actually yours. Therefore, most people want to protect their investment and keep their cars both running and looking good.

The most common method for keeping your car looking new is to wash it frequently at a Tidal Wave Auto Spa car wash near Aurora, Addison, and Villa Park Illinois. With your car constantly being pummeled with a variety of harsh elements, you may choose to wash it frequently. However, many car owners wonder if you can wash your car too much. Let’s take a look.

Why You May Wash Your Car Frequently

Driving on a continued basis leaves a great deal of dirt and road grime on vehicles and parking outside also leaves them susceptible to plant pollen, bird droppings and dust. If you happen to live in areas of environmental extremity then you have to also deal with road salt in cold states, high humidity in southern states and excessive sun and dust in arid, desert states.

In order to combat such abusive elements, you should wash your car regularly. Not only do frequent stops at a car wash in Aurora, Addison, and Villa Park Illinois keep your car looking good, but the practice of frequently washing your car keeps it operating better by removing corrosive elements that cause rust damage, part failure and paint deterioration. Those driving in areas of the country with more extreme environmental conditions should wash their cars at least once a week and even more frequently is recommended. Cars driven in lesser extreme environments can get by on at least once every two weeks.

Can You Wash Your Car Too Much?

Those who treasure their cars highly may want to wash them more times than the above recommendations. To keep their cars looking showroom new, many people want to wash their cars at least several times a week if not daily. So the question must be answered, Can you wash your car too much?

Frequent, even daily, car washes do not damage your car. As a matter of fact, each time you wash your car, damaging and corrosive materials are eliminated which work to break down paint jobs, rust metal, erode rubber seals, etc.

However, the damaging part of washing a car frequently is the constant use of rubbing materials, particularly during the drying process. Dry rags are particularly damaging because they rub micro particles across the paint which cause scratching.

The best way to avoid scratching and other wear and tear from car washes is to have it cleaned by car detailing professionals. Car detailers use proper solutions for washing your car, proper materials, such as chamois, to dry it, and wax to preserve it.

Seasonal Things to Carry in Your Car

No one expects to find themselves in an adverse situation when driving, whether on short excursions or long road trips. However, the reality is that bad things happen and they usually do so unexpectedly. Vehicles break down, accidents occur and adverse weather conditions arise.

In order to help protect yourself and those riding with you from such unexpected occurrences, Tidal Wave Auto Spas offer the following list of things to carry in your car.


If you experience a vehicle breakdown or accident, or get stuck in bad weather, communicating your emergency to authorities and others who can help is a top priority. Having AAA is great because they usually provide invaluable roadside assistance, but if you cannot contact them then their services do no good.

Therefore, it is best to ensure you always have a working form of communication in your vehicle. Many new models today come equipped with OnStar which provides you with instant communication via satellite. If you do not have OnStar then you should carry a cell phone and charger that is adaptable to your car’s power components. To ensure you have communication should you forget your cell phone, you can purchase a pre-paid model to keep in your car’s glove compartment.

Safety First

Tidal Wave Auto Spa further emphases the need to observe safe practices should a distressful travel situation arise. There are several items to carry and steps to take to ensure safety is realized. First of all, you should frequently visit a car wash in Aurora, Addison, and Villa Park Illinois to ensure your car remains clean and in proper working condition. This is particularly important in the winter months when salt and grime buildup can rust, clog and weaken moving parts.

You will also want to carry hazard triangle signs and/or emergency flares that can be used to warn oncoming traffic of your situation. Having an LED flashlight to see in dark or shadowed places is also advisable because it lasts a long time and helps conserve battery life. Also, it’s a good idea to carry a first aid kit with you at all times to treat injuries until professional help arrives.

Keep Warm, Fed and Occupied

Because incidents often occur during the winter months or at night, it is good to have blankets in your emergency car kit. Your car heater (engine) may be affected, plus it is dangerous to keep a car running for an extended period of time due to exhaust fumes. Extra warm clothing is also advisable to carry during the winter months.

Non-perishable foods can also be included in your emergency road kit so that you can maintain strength during extended breakdowns. If you have children, consider adding activities to keep them occupied during down times.

Keep your car clean and devoid of dirt, grime and salt by visiting a Tidal Wave Auto Spa car wash near Aurora, Addison, and Villa Park Illinois.


Can You Rely on a Car Wash Morrow, Georgia?

Car washes are very popular nowadays due to the fact that they can save people a lot of hassle and time overall. Are you worried that you can’t trust car washes with your cars, though? Well, the truth is that car washes are actually the safest ways to keep your cars clean nowadays.

The truth is: a good car wash in Morrow, Georgia would be a much safer choice for your car compared to DIY car washing. This is because a lot of people do not use enough water to safely remove dirt or pollen on car. Some people wash their cars in direct sunlight without knowing that doing so can burn spots into the car’s paint. Then there are those people who use the wrong kind of soap on their cars, like dishwashing detergent. Dishwashing detergent actually removes the protective wax found on cars and tends to leave chalky residue to boot.

If you visit Tidal Wave Auto Spa in Morrow, Georgia, on the other hand, you can keep your cars clean and keep their finish looking great. This would then result in higher resale value if you decide to buy a new car later on down the road, too. Even if nothing else about your car changes, a dingy look and faded paint can set you back by up to 20%.

So, how often will you need to get your car washed, then? Well, this will generally depend on how dirty it gets and how fast it gets dirty. Some cars can survive on getting washed once a month if they are only lightly used and otherwise kept inside a garage. However, other cars may need to be cleaned more often, most of all if they are always parked outdoors and constantly suffer from tree sap, bird droppings and pollen on car, or are being driven through salted roads and extreme weather.

If you plan on getting your car washed at a car wash Morrow, Georgia, then here are two things you will need to look out for:

Abrasive Brushes

Older car washes might still use abrasive brushes to clean cars instead of cloths. Unfortunately, these brushes can leave scratches on car finishes. While this won’t be much of a problem for older cars that can buff out light scratches with ease, newer cars might have trouble with this.

Post-Wash Wipe-Down

The majority of drive-through car washes tend to use strong heated air jets to force off any excess water on the car before letting it get out of the wash. You will then have to drive out of the wash, so attendants can wipe it dry by hand. While this is alright if the attendants use clean, soft and fresh towels to wipe your vehicle down, you may want to make sure that they aren’t using old rags to do so. Dirty rags can easily scratch a car’s finish the same way that sandpaper can. So, if this is the case with the car wash that you visited, then just drive away with your wet car and wipe it off at home with spray cleaners and clean cloths instead.

Fighting Off The Pollen

As beautiful as the spring season may be, the fact is that it also comes with annoying insects, noisy birds, tons of tree sap and mounds of pollen. Not only are all of these things a chore for you to take care of around your home, but they are also a chore for your car to deal with. Because of this, you might want to learn how to keep pollen off your car to minimize your chores in that department overall. Here are some of the best spring cleaning tips to get rid of pollen on car or avoid it altogether and make sure your car always looks its best during spring.

Diving honeybee
majamarko / Nature Photos / CC BY-NC-ND

Check the Filters.

This includes the engine’s filters and the cabin’s filters. If your car is quite old, though, then you might not have any cabin filters. Either way, these filters can get filled with a ton of pollen and affect your vehicle’s overall performance in the end. So, if you want to learn how to keep pollen off your car, then it would be vital to clean your air filters on a regular basis or even replace them as needed to keep your car running at its best at all times.

Go through Every Crevice.

Make sure you get rid of the leaves, debris and pollen on car from the hood, windshield, windshield wipers and every other crevice possible. If these things get left behind after cleaning, they could break down and create sediment that will clog up the evaporator drain. Not only will this cost you more time and money, but it could lead to rust, as well. This is why it would be vital for you to clean your car very thoroughly on a regular basis.

Wash Your Car Often.

Having said that, it would definitely be very important for you to wash your car often if you want to get rid of tree sap, bird droppings and pollen on car. If you don’t, then they could damage your coating and paint quite quickly, most of all if you leave your car outdoors and in the sun a lot of the time. You might want to consider getting a coat of wax every now and then, too, to create a form of protection for your vehicle.

Wash Your Car Properly.

It would be important not to dry wipe your vehicle if you want to eliminate pollen on car. If you use paper products like paper towels to do so, you  might actually scratch the coating of your car. So, if you want to wash your car properly, use some water and mild soap first and then follow up with a clean and soft chamois to dry it. Ideally, you should visit a car wash Decatur GA to get the job done, though. Since they are professionals in the field, you can be sure that they will do things right and ensure that your car stays both safe and clean by the time you leave the premises.

Choosing a Good Car Wash in Thomaston, Georgia

As with any other material possessions that you might have, your cars could get very dirty after being exposed to various outdoor elements. Because of this, you have to make sure that you clean your cars on a regular basis, so that they can function at their best at all times. Fortunately, you can turn to Tidal Wave Auto Spa of Thomaston, Georgia for help when it comes to this.

One of the main reasons why people get their cars washed on a regular basis is vanity. Just imagine parking your car next to an extremely clean and attractive one. Not only will you feel ashamed of your car when this happens, but people might mock you because of it, too. Aside from that, any dirt on your car windows and windshields could prevent you from seeing clearly when you drive, thus affecting your overall safety. This is why it would be so important for you to choose a good car wash in  Thomaston, Georgia to clean your car for you.

Orcaman / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Naturally, you also have the option to wash your cars yourself since you can buy practically any necessary cleaning solutions and equipment to do so in today’s market. However, if you aren’t very confident in terms of choosing chemicals, you should just go to a facility and pay for them to do the job for you, or rent their tools for an affordable price and do the cleaning yourself. Some car washes even have automatic services available that will finish the job with ease and speed.

There are a lot of benefits that come with using Tidal Wave Auto Spa, too. Not only will you have the choice to get your cars cleaned by machines, but you can also hire people to do the job and have them concentrate on the areas that need the most cleaning. If you have pollen on car, you can ask the staff on how to keep pollen off your car, as well.

If you are in a hurry, though, then automated services might be your best bet in terms of speed and efficiency. In bay automatics, chemical washes, tunnel washes and steam washes are several options that you might want to look into when it comes to this. You just need to look for the best car wash in Thomaston, GA to make sure you get the results that you want in the end.

If the best results are your current priority, then you might want to set some time aside from your busy schedule to do proper comparisons between several car washes in the area. Make sure you find a credible institution with top-notch facilities available for their operations.

Aside from that, your facility of choice should have the necessary permits, too. Since washing cars tends to have various environmental implications, it would be vital for the facility to have been checked by the necessary authorities for approval. Lastly, you should look for a company with a good reputation and one that has been in the business for a while now, as well. Tidal Wave Auto Spa has all of these traits and more, so drop by the next time your car is looking

Protecting Your Car From Pollen

It is spring time in Georgia, and with the beautiful spring weather comes the pesty pollen. When the flowers, plants and trees bloom, you get pollen. This season is particularly bad for those individuals who have allergies. Cars also suffer from pollen season and the high pollen counts. You can hide your car as much as you would like, but you are not going to escape pollen; it is everywhere.

To keep pollen from ruining your paint, you should rinse your car with water. Do not add anything to the water, including soap. You should rinse your car with water every 30 minutes. If you are unable to rinse your car this often, you can do it every time you get the chance. For instance, before you go to work, during your lunch break, and once you get home. You should never dry your car after you have rinsed it. Let your vehicle air dry instead. If you dry your car off, you could ruin the paint on your vehicle. You also run the risk of spreading the pollen around your car, instead of removing it.

Tidal Wave is a professional car wash in Thomaston, GA that can help you keep the pollen off of your car. You can visit our facility and have one of our professional staff members clean the pollen off of your vehicle. After you leave our car wash, you may encounter pollen again. Remember to rinse your car in between washes.

When we wash your car at Tidal Wave, we use the proper wash and rinse technique. We know what type of soap and products to use that will loosen the pollen’s grip on your paint. Our workers use the right amount of agitation to remove the pollen from your car’s pores, without damaging your paint.

Just because it is pollen season does not mean your car should look like it. Stop by our car wash in Thomaston, Georgia, and we will have you riding in style again!







Is your car ready for the summer?

That is a good question. The answer should be yes, but if the spring and pollen have anything to do it with it, that answer could be no. When the flowers and plants bloom in the spring, the pollen comes in; like it or not. Your car could be spotless, but once pollen season hits, expect plenty of yellow dust to cover your car.

Even though your car may not sit outside overnight, you are still going to find pollen on your paint in the morning. Pollen is everywhere, and if you do not clean your car, it will remain everywhere on your vehicle. Lucky for residents of Thomaston, GA, there is a professional car wash that can help. Tidal Wave has the staff, products and expertise to get your car ready for the summer. When you look for a car wash in Thomaston, Georgia, look no further than Tidal Wave.

Our workers know how to wash your vehicle with the right amount of agitation that not only removes the pollen, but it will keep your paint looking fresh and new. If you notice pollen on your car after you have had it washed by a professional car wash in Thomaston, GA, do not panic, because this is normal. With high pollen counts, it is impossible to keep the pollen off of your car, even if it has been washed. You can rinse your car with warm water, but never dry the car off yourself. Allow it to air dry instead. This is the recommended cleaning method during pollen season.

Tidal Wave is one of the best car wash companies in Thomaston, GA. We offer a variety of services, including: soap wash, soft brush, and a first and final rinse. Your car will be dried by our air-dry system. After your car has been washed, you can use our vacuums to clean out your car for free.

Stop by our car wash in Thomaston, GA and get your car ready for the summer!