Tidal Wave Auto Spa

Unlimited Wash Plan


$20 Tidal Wave Buff-N-Shine

Only $29.99 per month


$10 Tidal Wave Tire Shine

Only $19.99 per month


Type of Payment: Must use a Credit Card or Debit Card.

Recharge Date: Card is recharged on the date you signed up for the Club Plan.

No Contract: No contract. Plan may be canceled at any time. Just let the attendant know at least 7 days before your recharge date and all future charges will be stopped.

Unlimited Wash: Means a customer can come ONCE a day every day of the month. 

Vehicle Specific: Club Plan applies to one vehicle and a Fast Pass tag is attached to the vehicle.


Family Plan

Family Plan: Customer will receive a $5.00 discount for additional vehicle(s).

    Example: First Car $29.99 Second Car is $24.99 / First Car $19.99 Second $14.99   

Requirements:  Must be use on the same Credit / Debit Card of orginal Club Plan







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