Tidal Wave Partners

Are you ready for Mailbox Money?

Are you a car wash owner who’s ready to slow down, but not sell out? We invite you to explore joining the most successful car wash in the country. You can maintain or even grow your income stream and retain an equity position without the burden of running day-to-day operations.

Tidal Wave is a recognized leader in the express exterior car wash industry with a rapidly expanding footprint throughout the southeastern and midwestern United States.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your business, and we are committed to handling every discussion in a discreet and professional manner.

For more information, please contact Glenn Jarrell, 706-647-0414 or email [email protected]. Please include the name and address of your car wash location(s).

“Teaming up with Tidal Wave gave me a way for continued income, equity in a successful business, and a way to enjoy life. It has been a great fit for me.

Having owned and operated multiple car washes for over 27 years, giving up control and decision making was a difficult decision to make. This turned out to be one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. The past 2 years of being part of Tidal Wave has enabled me to travel, spend time with family, and just enjoy life.

Financially, I’m making as much money as I was making without the headaches and stress of being ‘The Boss.’ How good is that? If you own an existing tunnel wash and are looking at selling, check with Tidal Wave. Your location could be a good fit.”

Doug Millar,
Augusta, Georgia

Doug and Kathy Miller in Italy

“I was your typical type A small business owner, always at work. Since becoming a site owner with Tidal Wave, my life has changed and I am so grateful. I can be an owner but not tied down to day-to-day operations of the car wash, so it gives me the freedom to travel and spend time with my family. I can pursue other investments, or just enjoy interests that I put off for so many years because my schedule just didn’t allow any time.

Tidal Wave has also provided me with financial freedom to take my family on many special adventures. We are doing things with our young children that many families can’t afford to do until they are older and retired. I don’t even take my cell phone on trips because Tidal Wave runs itself! I never realized that I could be a ‘hands off’ owner but still reap the rewards. If you are a car wash owner, give the Tidal Wave Auto Spa management team a try. They will run it more efficiently… I guarantee it!”

Jim Farr,
Warner Robins, Georgia

Farr famly in Atlanta Falcons shirts attending football game

Join our team today! Contact Glenn Jarrell, 706-647-0414 or email [email protected].