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It’s no secret that regularly washing your car is among the best ways to maintain the paint and keep it looking its best for years to come. While many are intent on washing their cars themselves by hand, there are actually numerous reasons why commercial car washes are the eco-friendly choice for keeping your car pristine.

Less Water is Used

Surprised? Surely a single hose uses less water than those high-powered jets in a commercial car wash, right? Wrong. The average garden hose pumps about 10 gallons of water a minute, meaning just a 10-minute wash could use as much as 100 gallons. On average, commercial car washes use under 50 gallons (Tidal Wave uses just 32!) for a single wash.

Chemicals Can Be Contained

When you wash your car by hand, harsh cleaning chemicals and runoff from the car has to drain somewhere – usually the storm drains, where it may eventually reach local lakes and rivers. If you’re thorough with your wash, metals can end up in the runoff, making it very bad for the environment. Tidal Wave uses environmentally friendly chemicals and properly disposes of waste.

Water Can Be Recycled

Because most of that water ends up in the drains, there’s no telling when or if it will ever be treated or used again. Many commercial washes, including Tidal Wave, will capture and recycle the water used during a wash to not only protect Mother Nature, but also to ensure we get the most out of our water supply.

Although commercial car washes are the eco-friendly choice for your car, they’re also just a stronger option all around. They save you a great deal of time, give your car more complete coverage, and do a better job protecting your paint. Next time your car needs a spa treatment, be sure to bring it to your local Tidal Wave Auto Spa – we’ll take care of you!

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