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The natural enemies of your vehicle’s paint are bird droppings, bug splats, pollen and road grime. Not just unsightly, these acidic pests can cause lasting damage to the surface of your clearcoat and decrease the longevity of your paint. While you can’t avoid these unattractive foes, you can protect your vehicle by washing regularly to remove those contaminants. And now, we’re delighted to introduce a new technology “superhero,” to help protect your car, Ceramic Sea Gloss, available only at Tidal Wave Auto Spa.

Ceramic Sea Gloss is a ceramic polymer that creates a durable layer of protection that is similar to wax, but far more effective. Bonding at a molecular level, the layering process of Ceramic Sea Gloss forms a durable shield of protection that is resistant to dirt, bug splats, bird droppings and other environmental contaminants that can damage your paint. In addition, Ceramic Sea Gloss is hydrophobic for noticeably longer-lasting shine and water repellency. We are currently upgrading all Tidal Wave Auto Spa locations to offer this revolutionary product.

You’ll “sea the difference” when you experience a Ceramic Sea Gloss wash.