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Tidal Wave Auto SpaLike most businesses, Tidal Wave Auto Spa started small and came to fruition – thanks to hard work, passion, and incredible team members. Beyond our superb services and unique history, we make sure to go one step further by being environmentally friendly, offering club memberships, involving ourselves in the community, and more. Discover the details:

Tidal Wave Auto Spa is Environmentally Friendly

Water is one of the most vital resources our earth has to offer. That’s why we do everything we can to capture and recycle the water we use to minimize waste! Did you know that when you wash your car at home you use roughly 93 gallons of water? When you wash your car at Tidal Wave, only 32 gallons of water is used per car! By choosing Tidal Wave, you are contributing to an eco-friendly environment.

Tidal Wave Auto Spa Offers Club Memberships

The Tidal Wave team is a family, and we want you to be part of the family too! You can do this by joining our Unlimited Wash Club. By joining, you pay one low monthly fee and you have the freedom to wash your car once a day every day! It saves you money and time and is incredibly convenient.

Tidal Wave Auto Spa is Community-Minded

At Tidal Wave, we want to see our communities thrive! We strive to be more than a supreme car wash company. We want to be known as a company and people who truly care about the people in our communities. That’s why we offer fundraising opportunities for organizations that are searching for a way to raise money to better the community! The process is simple, and we bet you’ll have a blast raising money for a good cause.

Tidal Wave Auto Spa is Clean & Fun

When you go to a car wash, you expect your car to get squeaky clean. But, we go beyond your car concerning cleanliness! From our building’s appearance to our bathrooms, we keep cleanliness at the forefront of our tasks. Additionally, we make sure that everyone has a good time at Tidal Wave! That’s why we have multicolored foam that your kids will surely love.

Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our team today!