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Here at Tidal Wave Auto Spa one of the most common questions we hear is, “how often should I wash my car?” The good news is that with a quality car wash, you can never really wash your car too much – this is why we created the unlimited wash club. A good rule of thumb for car owners is to wash your car every two weeks. Consider these determining factors for choosing a car wash schedule:


If your car is safely stored in the garage at home and has enclosed or covered parking when you’re at work, one or two washes a month may be all you need. However, if you don’t enjoy this benefit and your car is exposed to a great deal of sunlight, bird droppings, and rain, even when it’s not being used, a weekly wash will go a long way in maintaining your car’s appearance.


The area you live in can play a major role in how often you need to wash your car. If you live near the ocean where salt content in the air is high, a large industrial city with plenty of air pollution, or a city that gets a lot of rain, washing each week to clear the contaminants is recommended.


Your level of car usage also plays a big role in deciding when to wash your car. If you travel frequently or have a significant commute each day, you may want to consider a weekly wash. For those using their cars daily but with a relatively small commute distance and at least some protection from the elements, the general two washes a month should suffice.

Extra Tips to Keep in Mind When Washing Your Car

Small maintenance should be a daily habit if you want your car to remain pristine. Gently remove all bugs or bird poop whenever you see them. If you notice dirt or mud caked on, even if it’s just a few small pieces, clean them off immediately.

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