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clean vehicle interiorWhen you use Tidal Wave Auto Spa’s services, you can be confident that your car is getting the very best wash. But, it’s important to focus on the interior of the car as well as the exterior. A recent study found that Americans spend an average of 293 hours driving each year. With so much time spent in your vehicle, it should be clean and inviting. Tidal Wave Auto Spa proudly offers interior cleaning packages at select locations that will keep your vehicle’s interior in top-notch shape. Discover the details:

Standard Interior Clean Package

If you’re searching for a cleaning package that gives attention to the basic elements of your vehicle, the Standard Interior Clean package is perfect for you! With the purchase of an exterior car wash, you can add on the Standard Interior Clean Package for $19.99. This is recommended to be done weekly, and includes the following cleaning services:

  • Hand dry & finish
  • Clean windows
  • Quick vacuum
  • Door jambs
  • Hand finish tires & rims

Superior Interior Clean Package

To keep your vehicle’s interior in tip-top shape, it’s recommended that added care be given once a month. With the purchase of an exterior car wash, you can enjoy the Superior Interior Clean Package for an additional $29.99. This package includes all of the services listed above, as well as the following cleaning services:

  • Air freshener
  • Clean cup holders
  • Remove bugs & tar
  • Clean mats
  • Dust Vents
  • Vacuum seat crevices & entire seat cushions

Your vehicle will shine, both inside and outside, when you allow the Tidal Wave Auto Spa team to wash and clean your car!

While interior cleaning services are available only at select Tidal Wave locations, it’s our pleasure to offer an aftercare area at express wash locations, too. When you visit any of our locations for an exterior wash, a friendly team member will prep your vehicle for the wash, guide you into the car wash tunnel, and our machines will go to work. A few minutes later, your car will look brand new!

After your car wash, you can help yourself to an after-care cleaning area that has cleaning sprays, towels, vacuums, and more. Tidal Wave provides these supplies at no extra charge so you may spruce up the interior of your vehicle after your express exterior car wash.

Are you wondering how to get your car washed every day without breaking the bank? Simply purchase an Unlimited Wash Club membership at your local Tidal Wave Auto Spa!