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March 20 is the official day of spring which means pollen season is upon us. These tiny, yellow particles stick to everything they can – from clothing to cushions to cars. More than just a nuisance, pollen can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s interior and exterior! Discover how you can protect your vehicle from pollen:

How Pollen Affects the Outside of Your Vehicle

Each spring, Mother Nature showers pollen over the entire southern region of the United States. It covers lawns, decks, roads, sidewalks, and vehicles. To ensure your vehicle stays in top-notch shape, it’s important to wash it as often as possible – especially during spring. Pollen has an acidic characteristic which can be detrimental to your vehicle’s paint. The longer pollen stays on your vehicle, the higher likelihood that your car’s paint with rust or fade.

To reduce the negative effects of pollen, we encourage you to wash your car every day. Spend a few minutes at your local Tidal Wave Auto Spa, and your car will look brand new. When you become a member of the Unlimited Wash Club, you can wash your car once a day, every day!

How Pollen Affects the Inside of Your Vehicle

It’s impossible to keep pollen from entering your car. When you open your door, a blast of air and pollen enters your vehicle and settles on your cushions. Although pollen looks like it’s small, round particles, it actually has thorns! It’s important to vacuum your seats often to remove pollen from ruining the interior of your vehicle.

Fortunately, Tidal Wave Auto Spa offers free, after-care areas for our customers to use! You can use our vacuums, cleaning sprays, towels, and more. If you’d like one of our team members to clean the interior of your vehicle for you, you can purchase one of our interior cleaning packages at select locations.

Do you have questions about our Unlimited Wash Club or interior cleaning packages? Contact us today!