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Christmas gift idea

Black Friday is right around the corner and that means Christmas is almost here. Have you started on your Christmas shopping yet? Whether you’re wrapping your final present or purchasing your first gift, we want to give you a Christmas gift idea that men and women alike will love – an Unlimited Wash Club membership at Tidal Wave Auto Spa! Enroll with your credit or debit card which will be billed monthly on the date that you joined, or if you prefer, you can buy an annual membership at a discounted rate.

Discover the many benefits of the Unlimited Wash Club, what your special someone will get with their membership, and more:

Benefits of the Unlimited Wash Club

When you join the Unlimited Wash Club, you will be joining thousands of people who actively take care of their vehicle. This club provides daily washes for its members. That’s right – you can wash your car once a day every day if you’d like! This will keep your car looking great and you will be increasing its longevity and resale value.

How the Unlimited Wash Club Works

Upon joining, a Tidal Wave team member will put a small tag on your windshield for easy, fast entry. This sticker allows you to drive up to any Tidal Wave Auto Spa location and enjoy an elite car wash from a company that truly cares. Do you want to hear the best part? If you wash your car at least two times per month, you’re already saving money as a Club member! Now that’s what we call a Christmas gift that gives back.

The Unlimited Wash Club Family Plan

If your family has multiple vehicles that need monthly car washes, you’ll want to buy the family plan. With the family plan, you can enjoy a discount of $5 per month off the regular price. To purchase a family plan, visit your local Tidal Wave Auto Spa location.

Whether you choose this Christmas gift idea to give to your special someone or treat yourself, we hope you have an enjoyable holiday season! Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.