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winter car washesThe South doesn’t get buckets of snow like the North does, but we will likely get our fair share of cold weather and winter flurries. It may be tempting to wait until spring to wash your vehicle, but winter car washes are extremely important to add to your schedule. Here’s why:

Winter Car Washes Improve Longevity of Your Vehicle’s Upkeep

Imagine if you exercised several times a week for nine months out of the year, then took a three-month break. Needless to say, your body would be very sore when you started your routine again! Your vehicle may not be physically sore after a long winter with no car washes, but you’ll see a difference in its upkeep after that first wash. Keep your paint, windows, headlights, taillights, and more in good shape by having weekly car washes.

Winter Car Washes Increase Vision Quality for the Driver

As fall comes to an end and winter arrives, more leaves, dirt, and sap are falling onto vehicles. These elements can negatively affect a driver’s vision and cause accidents. With the weather getting cold quickly, you don’t want to be scrubbing your vehicle outside. When you visit Tidal Wave Auto Spa, you can relax in your cozy vehicle while our eco-friendly machines do the work.

Winter Car Washes Remove Harmful Chemicals & Salt

We may not experience weeks or months of snow on the roads, but the likelihood of freezing rain or sleet is high. When rain or snow hit the ground, the Department of Transportation will spray the roads with chemicals and/or salt to increase vehicle safety. These chemicals can damage the lower half of your vehicle. A car wash can safely and effectively remove these chemicals and keep your car in top-notch condition!

We highly recommend purchasing a membership to our Unlimited Wash Club. When you’re a member, you can bring your car in for a wash once a day, every day! Contact us with your questions.