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At Tidal Wave Auto Spa, we’re committed to providing you with the best car wash service around! That’s why we created our Unlimited Car Wash Club. With just one low monthly payment, you can enjoy 30 days of unlimited washes – wash once a day every day, if you want! Some of our locations even offer interior cleaning options. To learn more about Tidal Wave’s unlimited car wash club and how it can benefit you, check out our YouTube video.

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How Does the Unlimited Car Wash Club Work?

You can purchase your membership online or at your local Tidal Wave Auto Spa. When you join, you’ll receive a Club sticker for a quick, convenient experience. Once your sticker is in place on your vehicle, just drive up to any Tidal Wave Auto Spa location, enjoy your wash, and be on your way!

Why Join the Unlimited Car Wash Club?

You’ll always make a great first impression with a shiny, clean car. The Unlimited Car Wash Club is exactly what you need if you love a clean vehicle. There are so many reasons to join:

  • It Saves You Money: If you wash your car more than once a month, by the second wash you will already be saving money.
  • It Saves You Time: The car wash will automatically read your Club sticker, so there’s no need to fumble around for cash or your credit card!
  • It’s Convenient: Your membership auto-renews every month. There are no contracts or commitments – the Tidal Wave Unlimited Wash Club is a subscription that you can cancel at any time.
unlimited wash club

Multiple Vehicles? Enjoy the Family Plan!

With the Unlimited Car Wash Club Family Plan, you can add a second vehicle to your membership for a discount of $5 per month off the regular price.

Separate Plans

Car 1: $29.99 Dry N’ Shine

Car 2: $29.99 Dry N’ Shine

Total: $59.98/month

Family Plan

Car 1: $29.99 Dry N’ Shine

Car 2: $24.99 Dry N’ Shine

Total: $54.98/month

You could save as much as $60 per year, per additional car! Each car must be managed with the same credit card in order to be eligible.  Family Unlimited Car Wash Plans must be purchased at a Tidal Wave Auto Spa location.

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