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Car Wash InFort Mill, SC | Springfield

Tidal Wave Auto Spa: Guaranteed to Be the Best Car Wash Near You!

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Benefits of Our TOP RATED Car Wash

Unlimited Wash Club

Unlimited Wash Club members enjoy discounted washes every day of the month for an affordable, flat-rate payment. Even if you wash your car twice a month, an unlimited club plan is already saving you money. There are no commitments – you can cancel any time, and with the Club car sticker, there’s no need to fumble around for a credit card or pass; the car wash automatically lets you in our gate.

Express Car Wash

Tidal Wave Auto Spa offers an express car wash experience for your convenience. From payment to the drying of your car, you can stay in the comfort of your driver’s seat and let our team and equipment take care of your car washing needs in a timely manner.


At Tidal Wave Auto Spa, we get your car pristine clean and deliver the best car wash experience. One way we do this is by equipping our locations with everything needed to make sure you drive off spotlessly clean and happy. Including free vacuums with every wash, free interior cleaning spray, and cloths.

Features Like Rain Repellant, Wheel Shine, & Underbody Rinse

We work with the industry’s best to determine which features each level of our car washes provides. Our state-of-the-art facility offers features like rain repellant, wheel shine, underbody rinse, and more for a comprehensive clean that will last.

Locations Throughout South Carolina

Come see us in Fort Mill, on Theydon Bend, next to CVS Pharmacy. We have several locations in South Carolina and across the United States; wherever the road takes you, you’re sure to find a Tidal Wave Auto Spa. As one of the nation’s fastest growing car washes, we are constantly adding locations, so if you can’t find a Tidal Wave Auto Spa near you, keep checking back with us!

Car Wash Fundraising in Fort Mill, SC

Our team knows the importance of fundraising for local organizations. There’s no easier way to raise money for your organization than with Tidal Wave’s fundraising program. Members of the group sell car wash tickets and a portion of each ticket sale goes to your organization – no soap and buckets required! We care deeply about the Fort Mill, South Carolina community and are proud to make it easy to raise funds for great causes.

Partner with Tidal Wave Auto Spa for your next car wash fundraiser! Simply complete our fundraising application, and get started raising money for your organization in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

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Car wash fundraisers are perfect for:

  • 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Athletic teams and their booster clubs
  • Churches
  • Fraternities
  • Schools
  • Service organizations
  • Sororities