Welcome to Tidal Wave Auto Spa, W4 Customers!

two Tidal Wave Auto Spa attendants check in with the driver before he heads into the car wash


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why is the wash closed?

A: We’re upgrading equipment to give you the cleanest, shiniest, and driest car! Plus, a new wash package will be available, Graph-X4, to give your vehicle space age sparkle and powerful protection!

Q: How long will the wash be closed?

A: We’ll be back up and running as soon as possible. We want to make sure everything is up to our standards, test all equipment, and controls system prior to reopening. To find the most up to date information, please visit https://www.tidalwaveautospa.com/welcome-w4-customers/.

Q: What are the changes?

A: You’ll notice improvements such as enhanced wash packages including the industry-leading Graph-X4, Dry n’ Shine, pre-wash grill prep on your vehicle for an improved wash, and more.

Q: Will my bill date change?

A: No, your membership is still active and you’ll keep the same billing date.

Q: Will Club member monthly costs change?

A: All current club members will be placed in a Tidal Wave Auto Spa plan with similar or better wash benefits. Your current pricing is grandfathered if you maintain your club plan in good standing. If your plan lapses, we’ll gladly welcome you back with your choice of any standard Tidal Wave plan and pricing.

Q: Do I need a Club member sticker when the wash is back open?

A: Your Club membership allows you to wash at any Tidal Wave Auto Spa – 100+ locations and growing fast! In order to take advantage of all our locations, you’ll need a barcode sticker to be placed inside your windshield. If you only plan to wash at your current location, there’s no need for a sticker inside your windshield.

Q: Will you still scan my license plate?

A: Yes, however at this time, only select Tidal Wave Auto Spa locations have that capability so in order to take advantage of all of our locations, you’ll also need the barcode.

Q: Will my gift card still work?

A: Please visit the car wash location where your gift card was purchased, and we’ll swap it for a Tidal Wave Auto Spa gift card. We will add the same value that remains on your W4 gift card.

Q: How do I manage my plan?

A: The easiest way to manage your Club plan is to call our Customer Service team at 706-938-0991 or visit https://www.tidalwaveautospa.com/manage-your-club/.

Why choose Tidal Wave Auto Spa?

We’re clean!

And we’re not just talking about cars. Our sites are known for being immaculately maintained and well-lit.

We’re green!

Washing your vehicle in the Tidal Wave Auto Spa tunnel uses far less water than washing in your driveway at home.

We’re fun!

With our multi-colored foam and lights, you and your kids are sure to enjoy your trip through the tunnel. Visit us at night to enjoy the lights!