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Why A Car Wash Is Better Than Hand Washes

July 3, 2017

Why A Car Wash Is Better Than Hand Washes Automated car washes have gained popularity over hand washes mainly because of the convenience. Over the years we’ve also seen great improvements in automated car washes as they are equipped with modern softer cloths and sprays that help in protecting the vehicle’s finish. You can easily […]

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Detailing Your Car

March 13, 2017

Detailing your car can serve many benefits. When detailing your car, it is important to detail the outside and the inside. Detailing a car makes it last longer which means in the long run, you will get your moneys worth. So why is detailing a car important? Here are some answers to this question. 1.Appearance. […]

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Automatic Car Wash Benefits

February 23, 2017

Thanks for choosing Tidal Wave’s automatic car wash service! An automatic car wash has many benefits. Some you may not have even thought about. Some people may think that an automatic car wash would be bad for the environment, but that is not the case. When you hand wash a car, you risk pollutants sinking […]

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Having a Clean Car is Good For You!

April 15, 2016

Having a clean car makes you feel better mentally and makes you car look better. Most of us are busy with our day-to-day activities whether that involves work, running the kids to baseball, or running errands. Automatic car washes have made it easy for us to keep a clean car. Washing your car at home […]

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Facts About an Automatic Car Wash

January 18, 2016

When it comes to the automatic car wash, Tidal Wave strives to offer the best for their customers. We offer the latest technology, service with a smile, and a clean car. An automatic car wash is so easy to use and it saves you so much time. Valuable time that you could use elsewhere! Looking […]

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